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Friday, February 11, 2011
Today's time and money saver: The generic celebrity news

READERS MAY WISH TO CLIP this special special-edition column and save it to read every week, or even every day if necessary, as it allows an individual to keep up with all the important celebrity news without maintaining a subscription to People magazine, buying the latest National Enquirer or even watching tonight's Entertainment Tonight.

HOLLYWOOD – Academy-Award®-winning actor was arrested again on substance abuse charges following a fray at a currently notable night club.  Actor could not be contacted for comment.  Celebrity attorney says that Oscar®-winning client has checked into well-known drug rehabilitation facility.

CHICAGO – Following persistent rumors of numerous affairs, Hall-of-Fame athlete has been slapped simultaneously with multiple paternity suits.  Published pictures of the individuals filing suits indicate that all of the paramours are all natural or bleach blondes.  Famous athlete is reported to have bought current wife one or more items of multi-carat diamond and gold jewelry.

LOS ANGELES – Person famous for no other reason except being famous was arrested again for driving under the influence.  Latest mug shots make this person look even worse than usual.  On-scene photos show famous person drives a notably expensive status symbol even when DUI.

MIAMI – Famous person is divorcing person famous for marrying famous person.  In written statements, both famous person and soon-to-be ex-spouse of famous person say that they hope to remain friends.  Other terms of divorce settlement are not disclosed.  Unnamed sources say large sums of money will be involved.  Follow-up stories indicate amicable breakup is not so amicable.

LOS CABOS – Formerly ordinary person made notorious by extended appearance on a popular reality television series has been arrested for: a) trashing hotel room, b) assaulting hotel staff and c) manhandling local celebrity who called in hotel staff to their shared room.  Incident resolved as reality TV star is paid substantial sum for interview with entertainment news channel which money is used to a) reimburse hotel for damages to room, b) pay off hotel staff and c) buy back affection of local celebrity, who is now, it is announced, reality star’s significant other.

ANTIGUA – Person newsworthy for their inherited wealth was taken to the hospital for bizarre, psychotic behavior while on a large luxury yacht moored in an exclusive marina.  Famous heir/heiress quickly released when psychiatrist recognizes person and realizes famous rich person is just eccentric.

NEW YORK – Notable politician specifically known for his very public views supporting family values was arrested after a not-very-well-known stripper and/or minor porn star accused him of stalking her.  Politician's wife stood by him uncomfortably at his press conference while notable politician admitted to a generic addiction and asked prayers and/or forgiveness from the "great people of this state" and says he has been "humbled by the experience," not specifying whether the humbling came from the recognition of his moral failing or being caught in it.

AUSTIN – Once notable quasi-country musician, now famous for his multiple drug possession arrests, is arrested for drug possession.  Charges dropped.

RALEIGH – Prominent politician charged with several crimes related to corrupting and/or being corrupt announces he has retained a celebrated attorney who always goes by first name, middle initial and last name, as well as the suffix of IIIrd, IVth or Vth.  Said eminent attorney at law, who always looks distinguished in his dapper attire, informs the assembled press that his client has been a "faithful steward for and a tireless servant of the great people of this great state," but is being crucified in the media because he stood up "against powerful interests and for the common man," one of which, notable attorney notes, his client is.


AUTHOR'S NOTE:  If, when you have completed reading the above, your celebrity news craving is not stemmed, please return to top and begin again.  Repeat as many times as necessary.



Gary D. Gaddy wishes, if he ever were to be charged with a generic crime, to be represented by an attorney with a prominent middle initial who goes by IVth, Vth or VIth.

A version of this story was published in the Chapel Hill Herald on Friday February 11, 2011.

Copyright  2011  Gary D. Gaddy


Authored by Gary G. Gaddy at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Friday, February 11, 2011 12:59 PM EST
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