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Thursday, March 6, 2008
Doherty to be awarded Duke's Spire

DURHAM -- At the halftime of the Duke-Carolina men's basketball game, Duke University will award its highest non-academic honor, the Spire Award, which recognizes those who make the significant contributions "to improving the aesthetics of the Duke Campus," to Matt Doherty, the former men's basketball coach at the University of North Carolina and current head coach at Southern Methodist University.

In his written citation, Duke President Richard Brodhead said that Doherty "had brought a greater awareness of the possibility of the human form in its use as a catalyst to spectatorial participation in athletic competition."

"Doherty," said Brodhead, "even if inadvertently, heightened our sense of beauty, and the possibilities that lay ahead. For this our campus community will be forever grateful."

The genesis of the award to Doherty came during the UNC-Duke game in 2001, at a critical juncture late in the game. Doherty made what he thought was a private comment to his players as they broke a timeout huddle: "Oh, by the way, Duke still has the ugliest cheerleaders in the ACC." The players are said to have laughed -- but the remark somehow made its way into an ESPN magazine article.

Doherty said it was just a joke -- meant to break the tension of the game. In a letter to the Duke cheerleaders two days later, the then-UNC coach wrote, "I apologize for the insensitive reference and hope you do not take it seriously or personally."

Unfortunately, they did. Fortunately, for the Duke community and its sports fans, the Duke University athletic administration did as well.

Led by Dr. Swen Flierigsted of the Duke Medical Center's Department of Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, a committee was established to investigate Doherty's claim. While the committee could find "no credible evidence" that Duke had ever been determined empirically to have "the ugliest cheerleaders in the ACC," they did find that their squads regularly did finish last in fan polls of the prettiest in the conference.

Following an analysis of aesthetically pleasing body proportions by Flierigsted, based on the Florida State cheerleading squad, Duke then began in earnest recruiting cheerleaders and dance team members who met the raised standards, ones who could in addition to entertaining their own fans, easily distract opposing team players.

But the benefits of the upgrade appear already to have gone beyond that well-established role.

Newly hired Duke head football coach David Cutcliffe credits Doherty, at least in part, for his biggest recruiting coup, signing Sean Renfree of Scottsdale, Ariz. Renfree is rated the 10th-best quarterback prospect in the nation. Said Cutcliff, "When Sean came back from his campus tour, including a men's basketball game in Cameron, don't think he was talking about the beautiful steeple on Duke Chapel, or the game for that matter -- he was all about 'babe-i-lic-ious' cheerleaders."

It is worth noting that this is the first time the Spire Award, named after the spire on Duke's landmark chapel, has been given to someone without a direct campus connection -- alumni, faculty, staff, student or donor.

Duke Chapel, designed by architect Julian Abele, is an example of neo-Gothic architecture in the English style. Gothic architecture is characterized by large stone piers, pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses, which allow the creation of vast open spaces, uninterrupted by columns for support.

* * *

Urban renewal to raze Krzyzewskiville

DURHAM -- In news with an ironic twist, just days after being voted the Most Expensive Place to Live in America, according to an analysis by the management consulting firm Runzheimer International, Krzyzewskiville finds itself high on the list of neighborhoods in Durham slated for urban renewal.

The Runzheimer analysis shows Krzyzewskiville, given the levels of amenities (or, more exactly, the lack thereof) and average room size (four-foot wide by eight-foot deep), as more than three times as expensive per day as the luxury resort of the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

The cost to attend Duke, for an undergraduate, for the 2007-2008 school year, including room, board, tuition and fees, totals $45,121.

Krzyzewskiville now finds itself high on the urban-renewal-candidate list after years of continuing complaints from nearby low-income neighborhoods downwind from its site about the smell emanating from the refugee-like squatters camp and contaminated runoff polluting area water supplies, and because Krzyzewskiville easily met all the criteria for a homeless site as established by the Remove and Relocate Subcommittee of Durham’s Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness.


Gary D. Gaddy once, while on a senior-year sabbatical from Furman University, lived rent-free in a Krzyzewskiville-like pup tent for about a month while tending an organic apple orchard near Woodville, Virginia, not too far from beautiful Skyline Drive.

A version of this article was published in the Chapel Hill Herald Thursday March 6, 2008.

Copyright 2008 Gary D. Gaddy

Authored by Gary G. Gaddy at 8:04 AM EST
Updated: Friday, March 7, 2008 7:44 PM EST
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